Party 4 Pastafarians

P4P Needs a Crew!

P4P Needs a Crew!

P4P is currently at port recruiting for the next plunderin’ trip (election) and we need you!

To run, we need a:

  • Captain (President)
  • First Mate (Vice-President)
  • Quartermaster (Treasurer)
  • Navigator (Secretary)
  • Several Able seaman (Committee members)
  • Bosuns (Candidates for election)

Please let us know if you’d like to nominate for one of these positions via email at party4pastafarians {at} gmail {dot} com.

We also need lots of general crew members for odd-jobs like admin-ing the Facebook page. Keen to help? Get in Contact!


Launch of P4P!

Welcome to the official website of Party 4 Pastafarians (0% Tax on Beer). It is the goal of the Party 4 Pastafarians (P4P) to become an official political party in Australia and attempt to make state & federal governments take heed of the hither-to ignored voice of Australian Pastafarians, and promote the teaching of His Noodliness The Flying Spaghetti Monster. After hundreds of years of existing in secrecy, the time has finally come for Pastafarians to step out of the shadows and demand Noodly Government!

We at P4P have a dream. It is a dream rich in carbohydrates, a dream where sacred beer is untaxed and freely available to adult citizens, a dream in which the business of Government is conducted in full Pirate regalia! Care to join our rag-tag band of fun-lovin’ buccaneers? Join Us!